Southwark Notes in real time in real life

We made a walk around The Elephant today! You can hear some recordings of what was said at each site (1-10) by going to this link!

1 – Intro to 56a Infoshop, Southwark Notes Archive Group and go-round
2 – O-Central on Crampton Street
3 – The Hub on Walworth Road
4 – Across from Wansey Street on Walworth Road looking at Printworks, South Central East, Dashwood Studios and more
5 – The Strata aka the Razor or Isengard
6 – In front of Draper House
7 – Inside the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre
8 – Discussing ‘Tribeca Square’ development (aka Oakmayne development on New Kent Rd
9 – At Tribeca Square location discussing a housing association development across New Kent Road
10 – End of the walk at the Heygate Estate


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