‘Poverty of Process’ – Local People respond to the Elephant Final Masterplan

Just worth putting a quick link to the Better Elephant’s website where they made our task a whole lot easier by listing a lot of the local community’s responses to the exhibition of the Lend Lease Final Masterplan for the Elephant area. You can see for yourself the concerns over lack of affordable housing, green issues, access to once public land, sustainability and on what is being called ‘the poverty of process‘ for the whole LL schemes in our area whereby ‘the exhibition largely restricted itself to colourful bite-size displays and non-specific statements. A huge amount of new material will suddenly emerge with the planning application, which could and should have been covered in the public exhibition. Local residents have had no opportunity to input into these documents, there have been no panels, no cooperative survey work, no sharing of frameworks, let alone a collaborative approach to the production of documents’.

There is a great frustrated point made by local tenant Richard Lee:

I decided there was little point in providing another detailed submission. 90% of the comments I made in July 2011 (exhibition 1) and October 2011 (exhibition 2) have not been responded to at all, let alone realised in terms of any significant changes to the masterplan. My 1st contact with Soundings was to ask whether they thought the principles of neighbourhood planning and the Localism Act were relevant to their work at the Elephant and Castle. I never received an answer.

You can have as many liaison meetings and forums and feedback forms and nicey-nicey community consultants smiling at you through your pain as you like but at the end of the day, none of this is truly impartial or truly sitting down and working with what people are telling you they like and don’t like. When community dislike comes up against the profit margin which one is gonna win?

Read the Comments on the Final Masterplan here.


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