south central old
Winter 2012

south central new

Summer 2013?

Can our eagle-eyed readers spot the difference in these two photo renderings of the Oakmayne South Central East development that has been nestling in the local Walworth Rd landscape for a few years now? As one of our favourite local development companies, we wonder if the stalling of both their Tribeca Sq site at New Kent Rd and the Eileen House site on Newington Causeway is causing them to twiddle their thumbs. Anyhow they seem to have found the perfect solution to their current cash-flow problems to finance their new and very large and social housing-free developments. Can you see what it is? Here is a small clue.


Another clue is maybe current sale prices. On offer now, is a 9th and toppest floor penthouse at South Central for £595,000.
southcentral salesouth central 9th floor plan

We will be posting the answer very shortly! Keep ’em peeled!


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