Five Minutes to Midnight: Heygate regeneration plan objection time upped!

The Council in it’s infinite wisdom and knowledge has upped the amount of time that objectors are allotted at the planning meeting to present their criticism and dismay at the forthcoming Lend Lease masterplan for the Heygate site. Whereas before all objectors (they have received over 200 hundred objections to the plans) were given a total of 3 minutes between them all, the new amount of time will now be 5 Minutes between them.

So if 10 people want to criticise the low level of promised social housing, or the actual financial viability of the project, or the loss of hundreds of trees and so on, each person would have to make concise points in 30 seconds each. We calculate that speaking at a reasonable speed for any presentation would probably give each person about 150 words or less to make a case.

The meeting will be next Tuesday 15 January from 6pm at
Council Offices 160 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2TZ

The Council has stated that from 5pm there will be a special meeting for objectors to work out how they might be able to use their five minutes between them wisely. Needless to say we don’t see how all the many and varied interests can be crammed into a 5 minute space.

But we urge everyone who is concerned, dismayed, angered, fed-up and so on with this crazy regeneration and the continued arrogance and disregard from Southwark Council to come to the meeting to make their feelings known.

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