Gather 2pm on the steps of The Tabernacle Church,
opposite the Shopping Centre, The Elephant SE1
End Point: Eileen House Occupation, 80 Newington Causeway, SE1

Once again we Southwark Notes folks invite any and all who wish to accompany us on a slow walk around the sites of regeneration and gentrification in The Elephant and Castle. We will be walking and talking about all your favourites: One The Elephant, 360 London site, Strata Tower, top of Walworth Rd, Heygate Estate, Tribeca Sq and beyond to the planned and already under construction site in Newington Causeway.

SNAG WALK FEB 2013small

Although we always start the walk and the talk, the best bits of the event is always when those who have come begin to take over the chatting, sharing of anecdotes and chipping in all the differing senses of both frustration and sometimes anger over what is going on in The Elephant and it’s infamous regeneration. Now that the Regeneration Agreement Formerly Known As Confidential is no longer a secret, this new info will enable the walk to put into perspective both reasons and motivations for the ongoing regeneration rip-off locally.

eillen occ
We will finish the walk at the newly occupied Self Organised London occupation of Eileen House on Newington Causeway  where we can socialise and have tea together and continue in comfort all the conversations started on the walk.

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