Much has happened in our much needed 3 month absence from posting anything on Southwark Notes. We are in the process of writing a series of posts of everything going on since the Heygate Phase One Planning Permission was granted in February. But for now, we are happy to present 4 images taken on a walkabout the Elephant by J. David Hulchanski in 1975. He has kindly given us permission to reproduce these photos for your delight and we very much appreciate such sharing. As you can see in the pics the estate was less than one year old in 1975. The underpass beneath Heygate St was still there and there was a large football pitch in the middle of the estate. The trees that now form such a fantastic urban forest are starting their lives here as tiddlers!

Heygate 1975 jdh1Heygate 1975 jdh2Heygate 1975 jdh3Heygate 1975 jdh4

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