Aylesbury Estate displacement maps, produced by Loretta Lees, 2016, for the Aylesbury Estate CPO Public Inquiry using data provided by the Notting Hill Housing Trust from first phases of the ‘regeneration’ scheme.

AYLES LEES AYLES ONEAylesbury Estate Tenants decanted and displaced

AYLES LEES MAP 2Aylesbury Estate Leaseholders ripped-off and displaced


Worth reading too Loretta’s witness statement presented at the Aylesbury CPO Public Inquiry:

Aylesbury Estate Public Inquiry Witness Statement of Loretta Lees 29 April 2015



April 2017:

CREATION TRUST produces it’s own Aylesbury displacement maps for Phases 1 and Phase 2 saving us all the time of doing our own:

Aylesbury Phase One Displacement Map

creation trust displacement map 2017

PHASE 2: They say that ‘395 of 410 tenants rehomed in South London‘ as if this is a major achievement and not, as minimum, a basic requirement of moving people out of their communities. In actuality their own figures show that only one third of tenants were re-homed local to the Aylesbury.

As we keep saying in regards to Heygate and Aylesbury and other estates in Southwark:

• Why should tenants have to move from their community in first place solely to enable 1000s private homes built where they live?

• Changing the demographic of the local area means huge pressure on shops and services as rents go up and landlords look for new higher paying commercial tenants. Vital shops and services that provide networks of care and survival for locals are likely to shut.

• Or developers buy up buildings to demolish and replace them with luxury flats – just see the threat to the long term and much loved and used 24 hour Ali Supermarket on Walworth Rd

• Landlords raise rents locally in response to new wealth coming in to the area. The result is that sons and daughters of Aylesbury residents no longer able to afford to rent close to stay near their parents.

• If new health centres, schools or community facilities are built as a ‘benefit’ of regeneration, they are hardly a benefit to people no longer living in the local area.

None of these points are speculations, they are the exact social pressures and changes that are documented wherever gentrification of an area exists.