The secondwave of even bigger developments.

North of The Elephant going up The Borough sees three planned big developments along Newington Causeway.


Neobrand want to turn the small and old bank building right by the railway bridge into 20 floors of 26 private and 12 ‘affordable’ flats (10x 1 bed, 24x 2 bed and 4x 3 bed).  They bought the site in March 2006 for £1.8 million. Part of the plan was also to have two wind turbines on the roof just like the Heygate Estate experiment and the dubious turbines on the top of Strata Tower.

Interestingly Neobrand have been unable to find a Housing Association to take on the social housing component due probably to the over-extension of many HA’s in the recent property market. This is quite a big deal in terms of the required provision of local ‘affordable’ housing in new developments, something that has already been watered down recently by the relatively new Boris Johnson regime at City Hall from 50% as standard to about 40% on a development by development basis. Anyhow, Neobrand has said they will manage the social housing initially!

December 2012: The block is under construction now.  The 12 ‘affordable’ units will be of the shared ownership type with zero social rented units.

July 2014: The block is now built and is called The Signal Building. One of the upper storey flats: Signal Building, Newington Causeway, SE1 – £1,295,000 Leasehold. Penthouse is £1,550,000. Brochure is here: Signal Building Brochure

eileen house
Oakmayne (again!) are going for the 42 storey block on the site of the old South Bank University offices of Eileen House (opp the Sally Army HQ) on Newington Causeway. They acquired the site in January 2007.

Newington Causeway / Borough Rd

NOTE: SEPT 2014: We need to update this section as the Hollybrook development is now Peabody. See here.

A little further up and Hollybrook developers are going for the biggie and planning to demolish the entire area that forms the apex of a triangular site that borders Newington Causeway and Borough Rd. Ultimately they plan a 28-storey tower surrounded by lots of other smaller builds of flats, student residences and a hotel (of course!)

pedal it shops
There are a set of buildings there now including the car rental place on the corner and the small businesses along the Causeway (now closed down) including Pedal It, the secondhand bike shop.Displacement a-go-go! These units are still boarded up despite nothing happening for over two years!

All of these developments are painted as creating some kind of grand gateway into The Elephant. Having said all that however, there has been a large stalling of the planning permission process for these plans.

The Ministry of Sound nightclub in Gaunt St, behind Eileen House has been opposing the Oakmayne and Hollybrook developments with a fear that new residents will force the 20 year old club to close on noise issues. They recently presented The Council with a 25,000 strong petition against granting planning permission. The planning applications are up before The Council on 11th October 2011.

Update OCTOBER 2011: Southwark Council Planning Committee 11 October 2011 saw the Oakmayne Eileen House appeal score a victory for the Ministry of Sound with the planning committee rejecting Eileen House tower with 5 votes and 1 abstention. MoS presented a counter plan for developing Eileen House. Here.

February 2013
eileen house newstandeileen house inside squateileen occupation banner2Photo0032

eileen hse squat slpPhoto0020Photo0019Photo0021Photo0023

Neobrand asked for their application to be deferred so new technical information could be considered. This was how it was reported on the InSE1 live blog of the Council Meeting.

the-blades-MoSmin sound peabody
And in funny ha-ha news, after all that Ministry of Sound hoo-ha about fighting the Eileen House development, they have been working behind the scenes with Peabody for a possible move into the Borough Triangle development of 550 homes in large tower blocks called The Blades.

Feb 2015: Behold the Two Fifty One rebranded Eileen House
251 okamayne3 251 okamayne2 251 okamayne251 cycle lounge

newington dev
Map of developments at Newington Causeway / Borough Rd: Neobrand, the developers of the Signal Building at 89 Newington Causeway are now developing on the other side of the railway bridge where Northwoods motor spares shop was. The new 25 storey tower will have a Premier Inn from floor 1-6 and a mix of private and ‘affordable’ homes in the upper levels.

July 2016: Two Fifty One going up. Another modern eyesore

eileen house 2106.jpg