1980 SOHO & WEST END PHOTOS by Martin Jones

Once again, we’ve been able to go through some of Martin Jones photos album and have scanned these lovely photos taken mainly in Soho around 1980. Sex shops, changing streets with empty lots or demolitions, punks, skins and teens and also the markets, we remember this part of London in the period so well. Although we live and are always active in Southwark, there is no part of London’s history and changes that we are not interested in. We are hoping that these photos give you some joy and nostalgia or, if you were too young to experience the early 1980s, some nice insights into how London was in the once bohemian and sleazy Soho area. We haven’t labelled each photo but you can spot Wardour St, Old Compton St, Berwick St, Charing Cross Rd, Carnaby St and so on in there as well as many other well known spots in Soho.

SOHO Skins Posing 1980

SOHO Sex Cinema Poster 1980

SOHO Berwick St 1980

SOHO Old Compton St 1980

SOHO Europa Shop 1980

SOHO Charing Cross Station 1980

SOHO Skins NF 1980

SOHO Chinatown Cooking 1980

SOHO Flamingo Topless Bar 1980

SOHO Cops Tube Firemen

SOHO Tube Ticket Machines 1980

SOHO Bacchus Bar 1980

SOHO Man Flute Sex Shop 1980

SOHO Hornes Shop 1980

SOHO Fruit Store Punk Shop 1980

SOHO Market View 1980

SOHO Charing Cross Rd Demolition Hoardings 1980

SOHO Charing Cross Rd Demolition 1980

SOHO Punks and Teens 1980

SOHO Blue Film 1980

SOHO Wimpy Bar 1980

SOHO Sex Shop Dummy 1980

SOHO Bus Conductress 1980

SOHO Burnt Boat 1980

SOHO Miss Jersey 1980

SOHO Burnt Cinema Sign 1980

SOHO Carnaby St 1980

SOHO T Shirt Shop 1980

SOHO Charing Cross 1980

SOHO Back Door Fans 1980

SOHO Punks 1980

SOHO Road to Shaftesbury Ave 1980

SOHO Skinhead Fans Poster 1980

SOHO Long Acre Maybe 1980

SOHO Skins and Geezer 1980

SOHO Man with radio 1980

SOHO Burger Place 1980

SOHO The Arches 1980

SOHO Pub Moving 1980

SOHO Berwick St 1980 1

SOHO Cinema Club 1980

SOHO Cobbled Road 1980

SOHO Back Alley Ghost SIgn 1980

SOHO Wardour St 1980

All Photos: Martin Jones

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